Urban Partner

Urban Partner

Hello Urban Partner! In order to further business expansion in the Brazilian market, Sun Power is now recruiting 1,000 Urban partners. Please kindly fill in registration form.

Urban Partner Application Form

Application Requirements:
1) The applicant shall acquires the “Urban Partner ID” in the Sun Power App.
2) The applicant shall has certain management experience.
3) The applicant shall has a wide range of social circles.

Application Form

The ID can be found on your Sun Power App.

The Responsibility of Urban Partners

1) By becoming a Urban Partner, your main responsibility include maintaining your team, problem-solving, and online assistance for your team members.
2) By becoming a Urban Partner, you need to build up your own team, carry out maintance and answer questions for your team members.
3) By becoming a person in charge for the team, you shall have at least five new partners to join in each week. Otherwise, fail to meet the target will result in 50% deduction to your salary. In additionally, if fail to meet the target of 10 members joined in consecutive 2 weeks will result in salary suspension.

Urban Partnership Rights

1) You will entitled to have “Urban Partner Certificate” issued by Sun Power US Head Quarter Office.
2) You will receive the fixed salary from Sun Power.
3) You will enjoy the priority rights for any new products introduced by Sun Power.
4) You will be benefited for receiving quarterly dividend from the Sun Power US.
5) You will have the priority rights for attending Sun Power Global Partner Meeting annually. (All transportation and accomodation fee will be beared by the company)
6) You will be invited to the Sun Power Year 2022 Commending Conference for Urban Partners at Sao Paulo Brazil.