Sun Power offers a great career with exceptional benefits

Current Openings

Market Development Manager

Sun Power brand does hopes to be recalled and applied by everyone. So what we do wasn’t just product sharing but also investment, profit and income sharing. In this way, every consumer not only try out the product but also can be part of the business by becoming a Sharing Partner. While more users liked and recognized the products, then the company has greater value in capital. Besides that, company also formulated a long term brand strategy for further growth worldwide.

Firmly believing that a brand can be century-old only if the users and the brand completely integrated. Therefore, we welcome you to be part of the business. Currently over tens of thousands users have joined us on daily basis. In order to speed up the market growth, we are recruiting 1000 Market Development Manager in Brazil to join hand with us in further expanding the Sun Power sharing business.

The Requirements

  1. The spirit of enduring hardships and be capable of hard working
  2. Have experience in marketing and sales
  3. Actively cooperate and carry out the work in accordance with the requirements of the Marketing Director
  4. Good at communication and expression

The Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for promoting Sun Power in Brazil such as help others in registration, explanation, consultation and etc
  2. Responsible for building, maintaining, and servicing groups online
  3. Responsible for developing, maintaining and servicing “Urban Partners” online

The Compensation Package

  1. The base salary up to R$ 5000 per month
  2. The documentation allowance up to R$ 1000 per month
  3. The mobile charge allowance up to R$ 300 per month
  4. The payment system is base on commission and brokerage fee (Please refer to the income detail on the contract)
  5. The monthly income can be up to R$ 20000 and above